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The Beginnings

Established in 1987 the French Country brand has become synonymous with 'Beautiful Products for the Home' throughout Australasia. French Country Collections wholesale to retailers, designers and the corporate trade.

French Country Collections was founded by Sonia Watts with creativity and kiwi ingenuity, combined with an international background of design. She designed and manufactured decorative products. They included photoframes, lamps and bookends which were all hand finished with various painting techniques, usually around the kitchen table in the evenings!

As French Country Collections moved from manufacturing to importing the Company grew, employed staff and the nights spent working around the kitchen table grew fewer.

Twenty nine years later, all family members are still actively involved in the day to day running of French Country Collections.

Inspired By

Sonia's passion for French Antiques and Objects D'Art has been a constant theme in French Country products over the years.

Living with and appreciating the old whilst travelling the world to experience the new, to find products that are relevant to modern day living yet imbued with the quality and care of the handicraft tradition.

Proportion, balance and a sense of the 'unexpected'.

Some of our Things

Are made of wood, iron, silver and pewter. They are rustic yet refined, warm and evoke a sense of cosy, casualness and charm.

Some of our Things are made of glass and ceramic. They will create the perfect dining ambiance for any occasion.

Some of our Things are soft and snuggly. They are made from the finest cottons and velvets which make you want to just jump into bed.

All of our Things are gorgeous. You just have to own them.

Our Team

We are proud to be supplying the most beautiful and creative stores in Australasia.

Contact our friendly sales team for a stockist in your area.

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